+ convincing value for money

+ reduced costs of hydrogen production

+ overwhelming performance

+ impressive maximal output

+ outstanding durability

+ high hydrogen output pressure

Convincing value for money through highest power density, minimized material input and consequent use of mass production technologies.



Highest levels of efficiency and therefore minimized costs of hydrogen production.


Extraordinary performance up to maximal capacity. The stacks will be suitable without restriction for load changes between 0 and 100% of nominal load within seconds.

Satisfactory electro-chemical

pre-compression with more than

5 MPa (50 bar), whereby the hydrogen, according to the application, can be

either stored directly or, with reduced effort, further compressed.



The focussed service spectrum of Prometheus PEM Electrolysis–Stacks ranges from one kW of power to well above one MW per stack. In parallel they will also be suitable for multi-MW applications.



Excellent durability for long periods of operation.

Excellent cold starting capacity by means of PEM-technology. An operation with nominal load can follow a cold start in a few minutes.



Prometheus  Electrolysis-Stacks need no float voltage; at times of high electricity prices, they can be disconnected from the grid.



Simplest system integration through low system requirements and compact design.

  Development objectives

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