The future lies in our hands

+ Kraftstoff:

Volltanken von E-Autos in 3 Minuten


+ Langzeitspeicher:

Energieüberschüsse zu 100% nutzen


+ Raffinerien:

Konventionelle Kraftstoffe ökologischer produzieren


+ Notstromversorgung:

Unterbrechungsfreie Energielösungen -

auch für längere Zeiträume


+ Direktvermarktung:

Unabhängigkeit vom Netzausbau

HOELLER Electrolyzer GmbH develops the future

resource of green hydrogen on the basis of its

innovative PEM technology

+ Fuel:

E-cars can be filled up within 3 minutes

+ Long-term storage:

100% of surplus energy can be used

+ Refineries:

More ecological production of conventional fuels

+ Emergency power supply:

Interruption-free energy solutions - equally

available for longer periods

+ Direct marketing:

Independence from grid expansion

+ Convincing value for money

+ Reduced costs of hydrogen production

+ Overwhelming performance

+ Impressive maximal output

+ Outstanding durability

+ High hydrogen output pressure



Prometheus PEM Electrolysis-Stacks will

be based on our longstanding experience in the development of fuel cells and electrolyzers suitable

for mass production. In these cells, water is separated

into hydrogen and oxygen by electricity. They constitute

the core components of electrolysis, respectively

power-to-X systems.




We work with system

builders and integrators

who produce and distribute complete systems in the

world market.




With over 25 years of

experience in the development

of fuel cells and electrolyzers, we

would expect to be able to offer electrolyzer stacks at a cost

appreciably below today’s

market prices.




We will achieve these price

targets by means of mass production technologies and outstanding performance characteristics.

HOELLER Electrolyzer GmbH

Every plan begins with

the right aim


Managing director and developer of  Prometheus

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